Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Robert Jago Soldiers On

I think Robert and I were the first two bloggers in Canadian history to force a candidate to step down for things they'd said  on the Internet.  But in '08 Robert only scored one Green (for anti-Semitic comments, I think); whereas I nailed a Tory, a Dipper, and a Tory campaign official.  That's why I've got part of an exhibit devoted to me in the Museum of Civilization and Robert doesn't.

As usual, the Yankees were ahead of us by a decade.  In 1996 one of Bob Dole's campaign staffers had to step down when he and his wife were found to have participated in a listserv for swingers, if I remember it correctly.  Anyway, I've not got time to put the detective work in these days, but Jago is still at it.  He's greased one or two Tories already this cycle, and is promising that there's more to come.

 This is his latest.  Keep an eye on his blog.   By the end of election 2015, someone might owe Robert a Senate appointment.


deb said...

thanks for posting that, I had never heard about Robert Jago or his good works!

Anonymous said...

I have long admired Robert Jago's tenacity. I am an instructor in the Faculty of Education at a university in western Canada and would like to invite him to talk/skype with my teaching students. Do you know the best way to contact him--other than leaving a message on his blog site?

Thanks in advance,


bigcitylib said...

Got an email, Sean? Or send one t bigcitylib@hotmail.com and I can give you Robert's contact.