Thursday, August 06, 2015

Pre-Debate Good News Poll, And That Thing With The Tits

Albeit from a company I've never heard of (or not heard much of):
Might write more about the Trudeau boobs thing later or not.  My first response is this:
Are pride parades safe for LPC candidates anymore or have they been taken over by the NDP?  If so I'd say skip 'em.  Stay away from them queers.

PS. I may tweet the debate tonight, or not.  I may go out and eat chicken wings with my wife and watch old UFC clips on Sportsnet 5.  It doesn't matter.  Its boring and the after-analysis is all about bubble-dwellers trying to guess what folks outside the bubble are thinking, when for the most part they are thinking about the baseball game.

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Gyor said...

There is no evidence that she's NDP, she could be a Tory, or Libertarian.

The NDP has NOT weaponized the Pride Parade.