Thursday, November 19, 2015

No, Donald Trump Didn't Say Muslims Should Be Issued Special Badges.

What he said is he wouldn't rule out giving them some form of special identification that noted their religion.  This could be a badge, but it might also be a chip-card, or an arm-band, or maybe a tattoo.  Get it right, Liberal Media Party.


deb said...

isnt the donald fun!

rww said...

And that makes a difference. Would it be different of Hitler has given the Jews RFID chips instead of Yellow Stars.

Unknown said...

and expect it to be 100% voluntary since the government can't require you to state your religious preference or persuasion.

A most foolish idea indeed. The man has no clue.

Unknown said...

Actually he never said any of that but what the hay y'all know that already . Here enjoy the beginnings of what will be 4 years of hilarity.

Unknown said... ...I thought CNN learned their lesson when they tried to paint Zimmerman with the racist brush.

Unknown said... Seems to be a problem with that link ,Try this one.