Sunday, November 22, 2015

On Adele: A Brief Note

Finally connected that singer called "Adele" with an actual tune, on a radio station I wouldn't normally listen to.  Gawd she sucks.  The Youth Of Today...The YOTS...The Millennials...listen to royally shitty music.  Its like they took every electric guitar that ever existed and buried them in a field somewhere and replaced them  with a lot of overproduced bloopy sounding synthesizer noises.

As a result I, as a near-senior, an old x-hippy from the 70s, am starting to feel less guilty about exploiting them, if they're going to listen to crap like this.  When I'm 90 and they're 50 I'll fly into McDs on my jewel encrusted walker with a jet-pack attached and demand my free coffee and throw dimes on the floor when they look at me sad-eyed for a tip.

I blame cell-phones for the YOT's dissolute nature.  They give off magnetic fields (the cell phones, not the YOTs, although maybe they do too), and kids carry them around in their pants all the time and irradiate their nads.

This kind of thing could cure them:

...but I doubt they'll listen.


deb said...

millenials, they are a treat, but I wonder how this happened....and damn is it gen x's fault for stealing all the good music?

Duke of Url said...

You're both officially too old to comment on the music of youth. For reference, see your parents' comments on the music of your youth. I'm old, but still have the ears to hear Adele's talent.

Kurt Phillips said...

I'm afraid that you are decidedly wrong about Adele. She is a spectacular talent.