Friday, November 06, 2015

The Death Of Keystone: A Brief Analysis

There will be celebrations, but it strikes me as anti-climactic.  Lucky timing for the new government, though; its way too soon for it to have to wear any of the failure.   Whereas this decision will be the big fat fucking failing cap-stone to the too-long-but-now-ending political career of Stephen Harper. And I think Justin's nominal pro-Keystone stance was quite clever.  It was a bit like supporting the continued existence of the sun and the moon.  It ain't up to you, so why not?  But why not go the other way a la Mulcair?  Well, there were potential votes out West to be harvested for being a least a little "pro-pipeline", and support for Keystone could be used as a vote-harvesting carrot, even if it was a carrot made of smoke and mirrors.  Mulcair refused to wave the fake carrot, and lost.  Not that this was the sole reason he lost.  There was also that increasingly tattered looking beard. 

Anyway, going forward, I'm betting against Northern Gateway; I am inclined against Trans Mountain; and I suspect Energy East will pipe oil (or whatever) one day.  


deb said...

...and the best yet, Thanks to Obama telling us three days into PM JT's new reign, we don't have to hear the annoying whine of Joe Oliver or the pompous arrogance of Harper.
Thank You President Obama, as we Canadians didn't want to hear from either of those climate change denying dinosaurs.

deb said...

ahhh, I spoke to soon, CBC in their infinite wisdom decided it would be fun to interview Joe O(Ilovetolie)ver.
oh he is just full of fun facts, go Joe go!

rumleyfips said...

The announcement that our pipeline lords and masters have decided not to build promised infrastructure in Quebec does not bode well for Energy East approval.

jrkrideau said...

@ deb Scott #2

Joe Oliver? He's come out of hiding? Oh, right Harper is gone.

deb said...

Yep Ollie came out and he was as informative as ever:P