Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kinsella And Warman Tag Team Free-D

Connie says:

We just got two notices of intent to sue. One from Lucy over the Cools thing, and another one - a joint one - from Lucy Woman and Woman Kinsella.

She means Richard Warman and Warren Kinsella. She's being funny.

Details, as they say, to follow.


Reality Bites said...

Says a lot about her that she thinks a good way to mock men is by insinuating they're women.

Granted, I guess being accused of having ANYTHING in common with Connie Wilkins is pretty damn insulting.

Ti-Guy said...

No death threats or additional libel over at FD yet. Why the little dainties are being positively demure.

Although plenty of homosexual advances, as usual:

"What a joke, hey crybaby and kinsella, how about you both meeting me face to face and discussing this while we go hiking in the backwoods. *Eyebrows*"


NSWF, children...NSFW.

bigcitylib said...

That guy is always asking to meet guys in the backwoods alone.

Ti-Guy said...

You're right. He's made the offer again in the same thread.

Good God, just get out of prison?

...oh wait, that doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Is freedominion down?

bigcitylib said...

For maintenance, I think.

Ti-Guy said...

For maintenance, I think.

Are you sure? Maybe there was a coup in Panama.

Anonymous said...

if they had a case they would be suing, not sending Intent letters

Libel chill, goes along with Global Cooling

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm mistaken in order to sue for libel one must FIRST serve notice of intent.

Nbob said...

Perhaps they're scrubbing the site clean of certain defamatory statements so as to mitigate damages ?