Thursday, February 14, 2008

Make 'em Sing "Louie Louie"

Because reciting the Lord's Prayer is squaresville, dude, and the thing with "Louie Louie" is you can't tell what they're singing about anyway so if you just kind of mumble the verses nobody will really notice. (Whereas they tend to with the LP).

(PS. Use The Kingsmen's version, because you can almost tell what they're talking about when The Kinks sing it.)


Ti-Guy said...

How about they replace the Lord's Prayer with Alcoholic Anonymous's "Serenity Prayer?" I'm sure most of the legislature is familiar with that one. beat the trolls to the punch..."The Shadadah"...الشهادة ?


Anonymous said...

Islam-guy? dhimmi-guy?

Ti-Guy said...

You'll like Sharia, anony-tard. You'll be able to engage in surreptitious man-sex in a more morally-acceptable fashion, and hold hands in public with all your male friends.

Anonymous said...

You're right bcl, saying the Lord's Prayer is all about the cool factor. No other reason.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Islamification of Canada would not be so bad for a socially conservative, religious male. It's all the other 'lifestyles' and women who will suffer.

You'll probably get stoned.

Ti-Guy said...

It's all the other 'lifestyles' and women who will suffer.

The socially conservative women will do well also, since they all think women are more fulfilled married, trapped in the home, firing off womb-bomb after womb-bomb anyway.

Seriously, they should read The Nine Parts of Desire...they'd love it in Iran.

Justin Socie said...

You're on the right track, but I'm thinking something like "Let it Be" by the Beatles. It's a much easier song to sing.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a moot point since they're never sitting in the legislature anyway? Aren't there more important topics like the manufacturing crisis that they should be talking about? Or is the McGuinty strategy simply to sit around and blame the feds while talking about how education will solve everything?

Ti-Guy said...

That should have been the Shahadah in my first comment.

*sigh*...back to madrassa for me.

frances said...

OT but noteworthy:

Yesterday The Post published an article by Kathy Shaidle.

Today it is none other than Catherine (Kate) McMillan of SDA fame.

I propose a round of applause to our fellow bloggers who've hit the big time.


bigcitylib said...

Post is not the big time,frances. What they get paid? A free bowl of soup and a 10 year subscription to the Natty Post?

Ti-Guy said...

I propose a round of applause to our fellow bloggers who've hit the big time.

Big time? More like community service as a penalty for a moral's charge of some sort.

Honey Pot said...

Frances, don't be cruel and be kicking them when they are down.

You know damn well they are traumatized that Kathy and Kate are making the big time.

I am worried about their poor buddy Kinswilsuya. Who knows what utterly stupid thing he will do next before they cart him off to a padded cell. Imagine the shame of having your ass kicked so publicly by Kate. Not that he wasn't asking for it, but you know....he won't be invited to eat those fancy cucumbers sandwiches with the big wigs anymore.

They only eat cucumber sandwiches with the movers and shakers, and he ain't even a rattle anymore. They consider him a ding dong now.

...and with Stephen Taylor catching the liberals trying something illegal...again, to raise money for the party. Not that they don't need money, it is just that they can't fundraise the old-fashioned way. The liberal party don't even trust each other with money.

You know they are hurting, show some kindness.

Raphael Alexander said...

A free bowl of soup and a 10 year subscription to the Natty Post?

Hey now. Don't know that subscription. It's still excellent for starting wood burning stoves.

Ti-Guy said...

Man, I can't believe Honey Pot bothered to write all that. Especially since she writes the exact same thing over at KKKate's 20 times a day.

It's Valentine's evening, Snatchy. Shouldn't you be rewarding your man (with whom you've pledged your eternal troth, as all good conserva-gals must) with some obligatory and unstylish leg-over?

Mike said...

The Natty Po must really be circling the bowl to resort to publishing drivel from Kate and La Shaidle.

Of course, it is possible that Jon Kay is using them to get back at the recently departed Warren Kinsella. Warren says nasty things about Kay after he leaves, Kay gets back at him by publishing the two hate-filled drooling harradians from the right that he despises the most.

That makes more sense that those tow being hired on their writing abilities.

I wouldn't want to work for Lord Blacks former house organ anyway...its a terrible paper.

bigcitylib said...

Mike, that seems quite possible. The Natty Post isn't going to increase circulation by appealing to the few hundred Tory bloggers that probably already read it.