Sunday, August 24, 2008

Break Out The Bubbly, Liberals!

Harper's wants to run on Senate Reform!


Gayle said...

This IS a major issue BCL. Just think of all those votes Harper will get in Alberta! :)

If it is such an issue, I suggest Harper take a stand and tell us HOW he wants to reform the senate.

MERBOY said...

I could be wrong... but is getting votes in Alberta really something the Conservatives need to worry about?

Beijing York said...

I think the rest of Canada can be convinced of the value of our Senate when you bring out such examples as Bill C-10. The opposition MPs were asleep at the switch and it took the Senate review process to unveil the censorship clause that was buried in an omnibus tax bill. The Senate was also doing a damn fine job in reviewing the problems with the omnibus crime bill when Harper pulled his hissy fit and blackmailed them into passing it.

Ti-Guy said...

This IS a major issue BCL. Just think of all those votes Harper will get in Alberta!

Why, they'll vote twice!

Go Harpy!

Before we start tinkering with the Senate, it behooves our government and our media to make sure Canadians know how it works and to start asking Canadians how they'd feel about another House filled with...*urg*...politicians.

RuralSandi said...

Do you not think that with the way the economy is going, people losing jobs, the volatile situation in the Middle East, Russia etc. that senate reform would be the last thing they are concerned with?

Gayle said...

The last thing the electorate want is another round of constitutional negotiations - which is exactly what Quebec will demand should we proceed with senate reform. THAT is the point the LPC have to make should this issue become relevant during an election.

Harper's suggestions for reform either require an amendment (abolishment), or result in politicizing it (elections - which also arguably require a constitutional amendment).

I have the perfect solution. If the LPC want to know all they need to do is ask. :)

Skinny Dipper said...

Here is a comment I left of Maritimer Goes West blog. I apologize for leaving a comment that is longer than this particular blog:

I do think that Senate Reform could be a big issue in the next election. However, I am not a fan of Stephen Harper and his idea of Senate Reform. There is nothing in the past three years that demonstrates that PM Harper has added to the democratic decorum in the House of Commons and Parliament in general. Here is a man who does not permit his Conservtive MPs to speak to the media without his permission. Even when they are given permission, they are given talking-points that do not take into account the local needs of the MPs' constituents.

Harper's Conservative MPs apparently received a 200 page document on how to frustrate and distrupt Commons' committee business. How is that beneficial for democracy?

For Prime Minister Harper to suggest Senate reform is akin to Russia's Prime Minister Putin suggesting democratic improvements to the Russian parliament. One must be kidding. I don't suggest that Harper is like a Russian tyrant. I do suggest that I place no value on Harper's suggestion for Senate reform as he has deflated the democratic legitmacy of Canada's House of Commons. I would hate to look forward to the day when I will prefer Chinese democracy over the Canadian version. Harper's Senate reform is a non-starter for me.

If someone else proposes either some meaningful Senate reform or abolition along with reform of the House of Commons such as a fair redistribution of seats with MPs elected by some form of proportional representation, then I will become interested in the debate about the Senate.

[See my proposed suggestions for House of Commons and Senate reform at:]

Raging Ranter said...

Yes, we all know progressives would prefer a unicameral Parliament, elected via proportional representation, so that Canada could be governed by centre-left coalitions in perpetuity. It's no coincidence those who would most like to abolish the Senate are also most in favour of PR.

Auntie Liberal said...

Don't fall for it - it's a trap! As soon as the writ is down, the REAL tactics will emerge. We all know that everything the Conservatives do is hidden. And scary.

Reality Bites said...

Best way to tell the election is coming? They've just torpedoed C-486 and stated they will NOT reopen the abortion debate.

Because honestly, what better way to launch a campaign than to be bitterly denounced by insane people like McVety, the Fourniers and SUZANNE?