Saturday, August 30, 2008


Yesterday I noted that Catholic Insight was employing its Freedom of Speechiness to make a anti-semitic remarks in regards to OHRC lawyer Michael Gottheil, who ruled in a Human Rights case involving the Christian Horizons ministry:

Well, Five Feet of Fat Chick got wind of this, e-mailed the boyzz at CI and told them that a "far left blogger" (That's me! That's gotta be me, right?) had picked up the original wording and holy fuck they'd better make a change! So within a few hours we get:

The OHRC’s anti-Christian atheist adjudicator, Michael Gottheil, referred often in his ruling to the principle of “balancing competing rights,” but he decided that CH had no religious rights because it was not involved in just serving the interests of its Evangelical religious adherents. “The primary object and mission of Christian Horizons is to provide care and support for individuals who have developmental disabilities, without regard to their creed,” he wrote. “Christian Horizons is not a religious institution whose purpose is to ‘form the hearts and minds’ of its residents in the ways of faith of the organization.”

TOO LATE! fellas, I got the screen cap and I got the google cache, and they're are going to your minders at Heritage Canada, to Scott Shortcliff, the Director [of] Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs, whose been reading your magazine every month to make sure this kind of garbage doesn't slip through while you're sucking up federal tax dollars. And I'm telling him that he oughtta cancel your PAP subsidy. Yes, that's right! TAKE AWAY YOUR FREE GOVERNMENT STAMPS!

By the time I'm done with you clowns you'll beg for the language cops!


Greg said...

Oh, yes, that's much better. Pick on the atheists.

Everyone knows we're just a guise for satanism anyway.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go sacrifice a goat and boil up its blood to make special pancakes (I promised the kids).

buckets said...

And now they've opened themselves up to a defamation suit.

bigcitylib said...

Love them Satanic pancakes. I serve them with toast from a toaster that's possessed by Satan. I'd get rid of the thing but in the end it makes great toast.

Greg said...

Remember, the real atheists put goat's blood, peanut butter, jam, maple syrup, eye of newt and condensed milk on their pancakes.

And let's not even talk what we do to waffles.

Ti-Guy said...

I see Five-Feet-of-Fat-Liar is still exercising her freedom to lie:

"Surely the HRC's overweening 'liberal fascism' -- which embraces anti-Christianity in general and anti-Catholicism in particular -- is really what is at work there."

Lie, lie, lie.