Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Poll, No Change

The Green plan hasn't helped, but not hurt either. Bernier/Couillard, In-And-Out, Cadmania...have all failed to move the numbers. What's it gonna take?

(Although on the other hand The Tories usually bump up a couple of points in summer as people realize they're best at doing nothing, and that doesn't seem to have happened.)

From AngusReid.


Frank said...

So much for the "demand for action on climate change" we've been hearing about for years. The only Party with a plan and some hope of getting elected remains mired with support from less than a third of the electorate. The Marxists and the Greens still prefer Party loyalty over the Holy Grail of Kyoto. I guess the planet can wait for these folks. And we should all be thankful.

Anonymous said...

Dion wants to have an election ?

All you loyal Liberals will be getting a nice letter requesting you send him your VISA card so he can finance a campaign.

Please, let's have an election Mr Dion. Defecate, flatulate or remove your derriere from the throne.

Christian Conservative said...

(Although on the other hand The Tories usually bump up a couple of points in summer as people realize they're best at doing nothing, and that doesn't seem to have happened.)

You forgot the last word in that sentence... "that doesn't seem to have happened YET."

Just wait. ;-)

Jason Cherniak said...

Angus Reid, you say? They tend to have the Liberals lower than everybody else, so this is not bad at all.

To me, the important point is that the NDP is the one bleeding now.

LeDaro said...

Good post.

Hey Big City I do vote for your posts every so often. I thouhgt you will like to know.

James Curran said...

Two key thoughts here.

1) 40% think Canada is heading in the wrong direction. (Not good for Harpie)

2) 37% think the Conservative government has performed poorly and should not be allowed to govern after the next election. (Very bad for Harpie)

wilson said...

Not so good for Dion: (from pdf)

'Harper retains a large lead over Dion as being a strong and decisive leader (46% to 9%), managing the economy effectively (40% to 14%), understanding complex issues (41% to 26%), and inspiring confidence (30% to 11%).
However, a third of respondents (32%) think the current prime minister understands the problems of Canadians (23% for Dion), and 27 per cent say Harper generally agrees with them on issues they care about (23% for Dion). When Canadians are asked to assess if the two politicians have a vision for Canada's future, Harper holds a seven-point lead over Dion (43% to 36%).
The Liberal leader has tied Harper on one indicator: being honest and trustworthy (32% for both). Dion leads Harper as a politician who cares about the environment (49% for Dion, 24% for Harper).'

Ti-Guy said...

Shillson, that only proves that Harproids are stupid. The rest of us know that.

Auntie Liberal said...

Bernier and Cadman weren't scandals, no matter how much you try to spin it. And the people recognized this. The fact is that the 30% who vote Liberal will always vote liberal. They don't think, they can't see past their nose, they simply want the Natural Criminal Party back in power.

Ti-Guy said...

Bernier and Cadman weren't scandals,

Well, thank God that's settled.

Look up Dunning-Kruger, Auntie.

Raphael Alexander said...

What's it gonna take? I think you know what it's going to take. A Liberal election loss, followed by a change of leadership to a man who doesn't completely fail to connect with voters in every tangible way.