Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama On The Oil Sands

"If it turns out that these [carbon sequestration] technologies don’t advance, and the only way to produce these resources would be at a significant penalty to climate change, then we don’t believe that those resources are going to be part of the long-term . . . future,” Jason Grumet, Obama’s senior energy adviser, told reporters in June.

Plans for Alberta carbon sequestration projects are going forward.

Just an FYI. Looks like another quiet news day.


LeDaro said...

It was on CNN. Their reporter went to Tar Sands and pointed out the horrific operation and black lakes of liquid which are possibly already leaking into the groundwater and many dead birds. It is a disastrous operation. I hope US boycotts this operation and products from there.

Anonymous said...

And the good news is that Saskatchewan has even more Oils Sands than Alberta and since they good folks there tossed out the Socialist hordes, they are starting to open up for business.

About time.

Go Western Canada go.
Ontario, with Dulton ruining the economy there and Quebec, where the Unions have ruined that economy, need the cash transfers your wealth generates.

And don't worry about Obama . . he's gonna lose anyway, but he'll still rival Al gore for being an eco-criminal because of his carbon footprint.

Ti-Guy said...

Go Western Canada go.

Yes, please...go.

Heh. You should start figuring out how to build big domes over the frozen wasteland that can be heated with all the fuel you extract from the tar sands that, if you don't figure out how to extract more cleanly, no else is going to be buying.

I can see it now...uranium mined in Saskatchewan to fuel the nuclear reactors to extract the oil from the bitumen with the CO2 being sequestered underground to yield petroleum that will be waaaay more expensive than that available through conventional sources, which if the Americans don't control, the Chinese and the Russians surely will and provide them with a comparative economic advantage that will be inescapable.

It might be better to keep pressuring the Americans to turn the middle East into a sea of glass (pay Ezra Levant more money to keep the Islamophobia at a fever pitch: I hear, with the coming economic Armageddon in Ontario and Québec, the Muslims, along with various and sundry other beige Canadians, the majority of whom live in those two provinces, are all planning to decamp to Calgary and afraid!) than to waste your time bothering us poor Easterners with your pointless hate.

Unknown said...

"It was on CNN." - ledaro

So is Nancy Grace. What's your point?

LeDaro said...

Paul S, it was CNN reporter. I believe his name is Velshi. I do not know what you mean by Nancy Grace.

Ti-Guy said...

What's your point?

Heh. Coming from you, Paul S, that's hilarious.

LeDaro said...

Ti-Guy, that is ok. I understand the difficulty of Paul S. He reads three or four words at a time. He read "It was on CNN" and kept wondering what that could have meant. May be in few days he will finish reading the whole comment.;)

Unknown said...

What makes a reporter doing a quick flyover of the oil sands an expert ledaro? You never say.

You know, not everything on the internet (or TV) is true.