Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Iggy Effect

Iggy raises $700,000 in three weeks, and Canadians love his stance on the budget.

He raises his hand, and we are all lifted up...
Now, if he only didn't look like he just huffed an entire bag of ganja.


Frank said...

Glad to see you have so thoroughly embraced the dear leader and his Right Shift. Green Shift is dead and Kyoto, just an obscure town in Japan; Rae, hockeyguy and foodbankguy,fond memories. I might just vote for the guy.

Ti-Guy said...

Stop ruining the jokes, Henry, you retard.

Northern PoV said...

"I decided to permit them in the budget vote … a one-time vote of protest to signal their displeasure and my displeasure at these unilateral actions, which in my view weaken our federation,” Mr. Ignatieff said Tuesday.

This lame quote sounded even lamer (esp the "and my displeasure") on the radio in the "Count Iggy" voice I am already sick of.

Robert McClelland said...

The Iggy Effect

"Getting Jiggy With Iggy" would have been better at whipping the conservatards into a frenzy.

The Mound of Sound said...

Now I know the sound of one hand clapping. A hefty majority of Canadians approve the only stimulus/recovery budget
option presented to them.

Nobody even offered them any alternative, any vision and so, surprise, surprise, they approve of something over nothing.

When you're swimming in perilous waters, even the most rat-infested atoll looks just dandy if that's your only choice.

Let's wait for the happy dances when this hopelessly flawed budget flops and leaves Canadians holding a bagful of deficit.

Terrence C. Watson said...

We academics and wannabe academics always look like we've been smoking something.

Often because we have been.

rabbit said...

By far the biggest problem with the Liberals is that they have no money. With no money they can't properly run an election. Being unable to withstand an election means they can bluster and threaten all they want, but they can't risk defeating the Conservatives. Which means that Iggy is now Harper's bitch.

Iggy is obviously a better manager than the guy he replaced. He's aggressively addressing the biggest problem the Liberals have.