Monday, February 02, 2009

Why Tim Ball Is Crazy

From CanadaFreePress, where the crazy people go to write:

Who is speaking for the plants?

The full proverb says, “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.” They’ve given carbon dioxide (CO2) a bad name and it is now being hanged by draconian and completely unnecessary legislation.


There is no evidence CO2 is causing global warming or climate change but that is the basis for the slur and the proposed actions [...] So you have the paradox of environmentalists screaming to reduce CO2 to save the planet, while putting all life in jeopardy by killing the plants.


All climate policy is designed to reduce atmospheric CO2, but that is not what the plants would vote for


Environmentalists and governments have abandoned the plants in the false belief a reduction of CO2 would stop global warming. It is time to defend the plants from these misguided people. The obvious solution is to seek power of attorney for the plants to vote on their behalf against any attempts to reduce atmospheric CO2.

If Brian Tobin is done speaking for the fish, maybe he could spare a few words...


Anonymous said...

Why do people even pay attention to Tim Ball? Can't we just place him in a room with 100% CO2 for a few hours? He is implying that it's rather harmless after all...

Ti-Guy said...

Actually, this is about the most lucid thing Ball has ever written. He seems to becoming aware of just how crazy he is.

Baby steps, steps.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the latest scary story and picture from the Church of Climate Scientology, the "Antarctic is Melting" front cover of Nature has been fisked in record time by Steve McIntyre over at Climate Audit.

Less than a week and the Steig work has been proven to be riddled with errors and worthy of, at best, a Grade 5 science project.

Wonder if still wants to sue people for hurting his feelings.

Time to get the Order of Canada for Steve McIntyre. He's a one one science sanity crew. When will the team ever learn. Mann, Steig, Gavin/Tamino et al should just hire Steve as a Personal Peer Reviewer to check out their work.

It will save them a lot of embarrassment.

Ti-Guy said...

has been fisked in record time

Oh shut up.