Thursday, February 12, 2009

Your Money At Work

Five Feet of Far Right is on TVOs "The Agenda" this evening, because presumably they couldn't find someone non-crazy to duscuss "atheist bus posters". Kinsella amply illustrates why Ms. Shaidle's blithering isn't fit for a men's room wall, let alone a television show funded by Ontario tax-payers. I might also add that Shaidle has been published a couple of times in Vdare, a U.S. based "extremist anti-immigration Web site" (according to the NY Times).

Hopefully, WK will post contact information re the minister responsible for TVO. Meanwhile, it seems that "The Agenda" itself may be contactable through its blogs here. If don't to see your hard earned dough funding Hate Lit, or if alternatively the idea of denying the fat chick money appeals to you, you might want to drop Mr. Paiken a line.

Update: From wiki:

TVO is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and supported by a network of Regional Councillors from across the province. TVO also reports to the Ontario legislature through the Minister of Education, in accordance with the Ontario Educational Communications Authority Act.

The Minister of Education is Kathleen Wynne, one of my faves, and she can be reached at:

Phone: (416) 425-6777
Fax: (416) 425-0350

Updater: That's Kathleen local office. Her ministry office number is (16) 325-2600.


Ti-Guy said...

Funny...I haven't received my daily email from The Agenda that alerts me to what they've got planned for the evening. And the web page for the site is singularly lacking in information.

I'm getting the impression that they're just slapping stuff together and that maybe the obligation of having a daily show is too much for them (hence the scraping of the bottom of the barrel and finding only the self-agrandising, hate-spewing vole with enough free time on her hands to show up). Who knows? I wouldn't mind seeing the stoat in an environment where she's properly challenged, but that's yet to happen.

This is really disappointing. Yesterday's Agenda was really interesting and dealt with a matter of substantive public interest.

bigcitylib said...

TG, What time does it arrive? Be interesting if they've pulled her from the schedule by the time it arrives. Please let me know.

Ti-Guy said...

I doubt they'll pull her from the schedule. The Agenda (and most media) seems to be addicted to pointless controversy. In any case, if the producer can't find a replacement, nothing on Earth will stop her from booking the stoat and to hell with public interest. Don't you all realise she has a career at stake here?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! What I figger would be better than scratchin' her from the show is for Paiken to throw those quotes Warren posted at her, live, on air. Let her squirm in her hatred and bigotry. Let the non-blogging Ontarians see what sort of prejudice runs rampant on the right side o' the boogeysphere. Let a certifiable nutjob carry the banner for the right wing bloggers. Could be fun.


Ti-Guy said...

What I figger would be better than scratchin' her from the show is for Paiken to throw those quotes Warren posted at her, live, on air.

I doubt Paikin will do that. He's a right winger himself and considers what his wingnut guests say elsewhere to be off-topic. Of course, when it comes to non-right wingers, his double standards show up; he attempted to embarrass Elizabeth May yesterday by bringing up a throw-away statement she made long ago (which, to her credit, she handled beautifully).

mauser98 said...
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