Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shaidle: The Controversy Grows

According to wiki rules, to introduce "controversial" statements into a figure's main wiki page you can only report on--not attempt to manufacture--a controversy re that person. That is, you must reference a "reliable source" as evidence for the existence of a controversy--like the London Free Press, which has taken up the matter for a 2nd time again in their editor's blog.

Given the effort someone has put in on Ms. Shaidle's behalf in an attempt to white-wash her entry, it is pretty clear she realizes that, in her case, having this material displayed prominently would signal the end of her career as a 2nd string talking head (which is also why I have been pounding so hard on the issue).

Apparently, Mark Steyn's interest in the story has generated much traffic to the newspaper's website and in fact precipitated this 2nd piece of evidence for FiveFoot's controversial nature. So thanks a lot...suckah!!!


buckets said...

Nobody's editted Shaidle's entry for four weeks

bigcitylib said...

Material from LFP appeared in her "discussion page" however.

Ted Betts said...

What's kinda funny is how she claims that her offensive language is part of the point - she should be free to say what she wants and how she wants to say it, political correctness be damned (a point of view that, frankly, I agree with) - but then the efforts to whitewash the Wiki entry belie that confident and weak attempt at being a Canadian Coulter. At least Coulter (a) sticks by her statements and (b) repeats them to anyone who will listen (especially if she is out selling a book) and (c) is funny (sometimes).

Seems to me that a true advocate of free speech and "marketplace of ideas" would not try to erase the "controversial" comments but offer up a counter-explanation to further her anti-politically correct campaign.

Ah well, consistency and lucidity of thought and action have never been a conservatives strong points.