Monday, March 30, 2009

Will Randy Hillier Call For The Abolition Of The Ontario Human Rights Commission

...when he announces his run for the Tory leadership this morning? The folks at SDA and FreeD seem to think so. Furthermore, Randy's been on the phone with FreeD's Connie Fournier.

It isn't enough that a man wants to run the province who has advocated rural Ontario separatism, been incarcerated, and who as a plan B advocates the creation of an elected Ontario Senate to wrest power from the cities, now this same man is set to cuddle up with every far right wing-nut in the province.

In several months time I predict a crater where the Ontario Conservative Party used to be, no matter who wins the leadership. And you might as well hand Dalton a crown.

Update: Yep. Randy Hillier's gone full-on wingnut:

Hillier said he wants to introduce what he calls a Freedom of Association and Conscience Act that would allow people to "not be compelled or coerced into actions or associations they find objectionable," replace the Ontario Human Rights Commission "and other quasi-tribunals with real judges in real courts," and have an elected Senate in Ontario, according to the release


Anonymous said...

If Dalton becomes the string bean version of Stephen Harper, Dwight Duncan a bigger version of Jim Flaherty, and George Smitherman an out version of John Baird, then Randy Hillier should be popular with the grassroot Cons.

I will start the Draft Paul Christie or the Draft Craig Chandler campaign to replace Stephen Harper.

RuralSandi said...

Under Hillier's leadership, the Landowners groups initially engaged in acts of civil disobedience, including blocking highways, barricading government offices, staging illegal deer hunts, and publicly breaking laws that the Landowners regarded as unjust. This was primarily done as a tactic to draw media attention to perceived injustices, and thereby to pressure the provincial government to amend the laws or at least enforce them in a manner less injurious to the interests of rural landowners.

For example, Hillier justified an illegal deer hunt held in 2003 in the following words:

“ I sent [Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty an email containing] a picture of a dead deer saying the people of Lanark County were removing nuisance deer because the Liberal government had revoked those licences [for farmers to shoot deer that were eating their crops]. I did it four years ago... and I would do it again because I will not stand for injustice and I will not stand for farmers to be put into bankruptcy."

....his bio says he's a licensed electrical engineer - hmmm.....