Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eat The Rubber Chicken, Win A Handgun

Here's what you might win when you go see Garry Breitkreuz's talk re. repealing the long-gun registry at the annual meeting of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association on April 18th:

From the map there don't seem to be any nearby farms, so you can't engage in that old Tory sport of getting drunk and shooting barn-yard animals, but you're barely 20 minutes from downtown T.O., where Liberal men wander about in fish-net stockings, and not far from Brampton, either, where I hear they have a lot of dark skinned types.

A target rich environment, in other words.

Update: Invite WITHDRAWN.


Richard said...

Ok, so, a firearm is being given away as a door prize at a sportsman's dinner. What's your point?

My wife went to a Tupperware party and the door prize was - shocka! - Tupperware!

Are you seriously this completely fucking stunned?

Oxford County Liberals said...

C'mon Richard.. the optics of giving away a gun at an event in a city that is trying to get guns off of the streets is plain stupid.

Maybe that's a great thing in Calgary to be doing.. but definitely not in Toronto.

bigcitylib said...

I can't see this playing well in very many Canadian cities.

RuralSandi said...

Well, I don't recall anyone being killed by Tupperware - what a stupid comparison.

Tupperware saves - it keeps your food from going bad so fast.

Unbelievably stupid.

Mike said...

Gawd...I don't believe I'm going to say this...but I'm with Richard.

(swallows vomit)

The giveaway is appropriate to the audience, all of whom have passed the rigid regulations for owning just such a firearm.

Just because you don't like or are afraid of guns, doesn't mean that it isn't an appropriate prize for this venue.

It is.

At my hockey banquet, the gave away hockey gear and ice time.

This is the same.

They aren't giving it out to just anyone, but to people already deemed by the government and the police as trustworthy enough to own these things.

You are free not to like it. That doesn't mean its wrong.

bigcitylib said...

A Tory MP is involved in a hand gun raffle at a party celebrating his attempts to dismantle the long gun registry? Quite presumptuous.

Mike said...

No more presumptions than an NDP MP at an environmental conference giving away solar panels....

You are letting the word 'gun' blind you to the fact that in context, there is nothing wrong with giving away a gun to people perfectly legally entitled to own one, who have been vetted by the police, at a function celebrating the sport of shooting in the presence of an MP who is working on their behalf and share's their values.

Would you complain as well if NDP MP John Rafferty joined him?

bigcitylib said...

wrong ~= illegal

If Dion had gone to Fort Mac after introducing a massive carbon tax and handed out solar panels to the local greens that would have been legal too. It would ALSO have been a stupid provocation, as is this stunt.

Ti-Guy said...

Mike, can't you accept that BCL is making a moral point, rather than one that is strictly legal or rational? And the equivalences you're making between deadly weapons and other types of door prizes is really risible.

If you don't see what the big deal is, then don't bother. All you're doing is providing support for moral imbeciles like Richard Evans, which is making me throw up in my mouth.

Mike said...


The whole "deadly weapons" thing is still irrelevant. "Deadly" because of perceptions, not reality. Cars are far more deadly than guns in this country, yet the only complaints heard about the OLG's Mercedes Benz giveaway a few weeks ago was that it was a German car instead of a piece of crap GM assembled in our Finance Minister's riding.

If Breitkreuz wasn't there, would you care? If it was Rafferty? Would you feel better if they gave away a hunting knife or a crossbow?

Stunt? Sure it is. Expect no less from politicos.

Morally wrong? Not as far as I can see.BTW, I expect if Dion did do what you said, most Liberals at the time would have been just fine with would I)

bigcitylib said...

"BTW, I expect if Dion did do what you said, most Liberals at the time would have been just fine with would I)"

...which is why the party did so well last election in that neck of the woods.

bigcitylib said...

The invititation to GB has been withdrawn. See main post for link.

Mike said...

"which is why the party did so well last election in that neck of the woods."

Oh come now, Jesus and Buddha could both run for the Liberals in Alberta and still lose to Rob Anders (he'd point out Jesus' admonitions to his disciples to sell their property and give the money to the poor as evidence that Jesus was a Communist and a terrorist).

Now that the invite has been withdrawn, is it still ok for them to raffle the gun?

bigcitylib said...

They may now raffle the gun.