Sunday, September 13, 2009

Justin Is A Great Canadian (And BCL Rules OK In The Soo)

"Someone should give Justin Tetreault - who filmed Harper's speech in the Soo and who used to blog as the Northern Ontario Liberal - the Order of Canada," adds Toronto blogger M.J. Murphy. "He may have saved his nation from four more years of Conservative rule."

I stand by this comment. JT exposed the Tory government's great lie--that they are really moderates, not just faking it for the newscasts. How can you do that if you can't show film of them in their natural habitat? In any case, there was apparently no "no camera" rule in place.

And I'll tell you what, the remarks by editorialists David Root and Mac Headrick are baloney. If Satan himself had walked up to these two and handed them the tape on the end of his pitchfork--and then said: "Hey fellas, let's get something straight, I am indeed Satan."--they would, as journalists, have accepted the tape and run with the story. Guarenteed.

Of course they would probably have bitched about Satan afterwards, behind his back.


Ti-Guy said...

The puling from the editorialists is embarrassing.

Probably Conservatives, judging from the scolding, school-marmish tone.

Prairie Kid said...

It seems the only people who think the tape is a big deal is the CBC, The Toronto Star and Liberals. I know CBC is going to continue to pretend this story has legs but the average Canadian just wants to know what the party is going to do to make the economy recovery as quickly as possible. And that's where the Liberals are losing in the minds of Canadians. Not a single Liberal including Ignatieff has come forward with any ideas of what they would have done different from the Conservatives. The "we can do better" slogan is no different than the "yes we can" Obama slogan. All fluff and no substance. And you know what the Americans think of Obama now. Talk is cheap and Ignatieff and the Liberals will soon realize that Canadians want some meat on the bone and the only way to make sure we're going in the right direction is to vote in a Conservative majority. Oh no, I just uttered that bad word that Harper used . . . majority.

Big Winnie said...

Another Con commenter attempting to deflect the issue and create chaos.

JT should be praised for taking that video and sharing it...the video shows the true colours of the hypocritical Harper.

As PM, he certainly doesn't give a damn about Canadians based on the tone and content of his speech... and you know what? I don't give a damn about him!!

Prairie Kid said...

Big Winnie . . . I have heard Ignatieff blasting Harper and the Conservatives. That's what Harper was doing is blasting Liberals. This was not a public speech. This was a private gathering.

And please let me know one comment he said that was so terrible?

Oxford County Liberals said...

For red-meat Conservative basers like yourself, Prairie Kid, I'm sure you thought the speech was hunkey-dorey.. but there is a reason Harper said what he did in private and not public (left -wing ideologue judges, women = fringe groups); Because he knows that turns off a majority of voters.

As Jeff said, it's not the majority, but the message he conveyed and what he'd do if he won it.

Ti-Guy said...

I see Prairie Kid's trolling all over Liberal blogs again. Out him and tell his daddy.

Little tyke needs a time out. Or a good caning, as per conventional conservative child-rearing practice.

Prairie Kid said...

Ti-Guy . . . Don't forget I also read the Conservative blogs. Have a nice day . . . troll.

True Liberal/NDP which ever you are today. The pot calling the kettle black.

Jon Pertwee said...

so does that make PK the pot calling the kettle that's calling the pot black? He seems blind to his own hypocrisy and trollness. But bluster will do that to you and PK is naught but bluster.

Ti-Guy said...

Who cares? Out Prairie Kid and hope any one of the innumerable Liberals he's viciously attacked over the last few years metes out a punishment he so richly deserves.