Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Only In Canada, You Say?

The teabaggers are coming to Canada (London, Ont. to be precise), on October 3rd, led by the inimitable Five Foot. Be sure to apply the Shaidle deflation factor to any attendance figures she provides (ie divide by two).

Given the invite list on their Facebook page, looks like this one's going to top out at three dozen rebels, Max.


sassy said...

She wants to screeeech about Harper ;)

Ted Betts said...

She writes on her Whine-site that "It's fitting that the first Canadian Tea Party is in London, Ontario, and that I'm one of the speakers."

For once, I totally agree with her.

It IS fitting that she is one of the speakers. Very fitting indeed.

Ti-Guy said...

Christ, is there any Ameri-crap she won't drag into this country?

If the hideous bitch had been able to support herself and not have to rely on Canada's generous social welfare and arts grants to mediocrities, she'd probably be in the US right now, writing copy for SpikeTV.

...or dead.

Anyway, I hope someone copies one of those teabagger posters featuring Obama with a bone through his nose and shows up there.

Big Winnie said...

They make me want to give up drinking tea

A Eliz. said...

I hope she gets caught for slander..what a whiner.
As for those teabaggers,,where did they get their name?

Mike said...

Ah London, the whiteset place in Ontario. I wonder if she'll head up to Lucan to say hey to her Klan homies?

Terrence C. Watson said...

Ooh, London. That's where I'm from. This could be fun.

"So how many people here think Obama was really born in Kenya? Show of hands? ... good, good. Let me just take down some names for later."

Ti-Guy said...

Ooh, London. That's where I'm from.

Much is explained. ;)

I don't mind London...there are worse places. But it suffers from its surroundings and the prominent and degenate clans that still run the place.

David Webb said...

"Ah London, the whiteset place in Ontario."

You haven't been to London in a while, have you? Delaware is much whiter. As is Belmont. The shoe doesn't really fit anymore.

O.K., it's a tight fit.

Terrence C. Watson said...


Heh, well, we moved to London when I was 11 or so. Before that, it was good ol' working class Cambridge.

But yeah, there are things to dislike about it. The homophobic ex-mayor was one of them. The class divisions were also extremely prevalent, in that there really was a "wrong side of the tracks", and people, even kids, really cared about what side of those tracks you lived on.

I'll let you guess as to which side we fell on.

David Webb said...

"there really was a "wrong side of the tracks""


Are you so long gone that you have forgotten that the proper term is "EOA"?

Niles said...

Aren't they taking the tea party concept to the places where the Loyalists...aka the anti-tea party side of the American Revolution equation ended up?

I mean...London??? They celebrate "Loyalist Day" there. In costume. Flaunting the initials UE if the family has the earned right.