Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Footnote In The Annals Of Oddity

Some might remember Hillbilly Heaven, a restaurant out in Hamiliton that became famous for decorating the place with Confederate flags, and posting "English Spoken Only" signs  and Help Wanted ads that trashed people on social assistance.  Turns out the place applied for a spot on Restaurant Takeover during the show's debut season.  RT is the Restaurant Makeover successor show.  In it a team of uppity Toronto chefs and designers approach a food establishment that's close to going under, and sneer for a half hour at the menu before slapping on a few tiles on the wall, making them offer a salad, and buggering off afterwards.

As you might have expected, Hillbilly Heaven was a dump, its food great lumps of shit, and its proprietor the jerk you would imagine him to be.  The vid through the link is a bit long, but there are some laughs to be had as the crew tries to explain to owner Cameron Bailey how simple doesn't have to mean crap.

PS.  Not sure their efforts paid off.  One of HH's two locations has since gone under.  I'm not sure whether its the one in the show or not.

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