Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Note On A Poll Re Keystone XL

For the most part, its the same old.  More Americans than Canadians support the building of Keystone  XL to pipe tar-sands bitumen down to the Gulf .  Actually, I'm cheating a bit.  The new poll doesn't measure Canadian views, but other recent polls show from about a 50/50 split up here to about two-thirds against.  But whatever.  What interested me most was this bit:

But for all they had to say about pipelines and fracturing, the respondents were largely ignorant of an important trend in their country's energy sector. Survey results show that more than half are unaware of the American energy boom of recent years – and only 34% knew that it came from traditional energy sources.

I would guess this is because when most people think of the cost of energy they think of gas prices, and gas prices have lingered high for years now, even though the economy has been stuck in neutral. So if energy booms and nobody hears it, is it a boom worth the name?

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