Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gilmour's Authors

Well, there aren't too many gals on my bookshelf, so I can't fault him on that score.  The real issue is: how does a guy as obscure as David Gilmour get to teach all and only the novels he feels "passionate about" in a course called Modern Literature at U-of-T?  And how does Henry Miller, who wrote whole volumes about nothing but banging his various girl-friends, get onto the syllabus?  Who reads him anymore except at gun-point?  Pretty sweet jobs to be had at U-of-T, methinks.


Beijing York said...

Nice summary and totally deplorable.

Years ago, Gilmor was unjustly rude to me and he later apologized but the fact that his first reaction was so cutthroat always made me distrustful.

deb said...

gilmour, only will teach what he is ABSOLUTELY passionate about. He only gets passionate about men authors. Yep, and someone at the UofT knows they are in cahoots with this narrowminded lit prof.
My guess is that Mr Gilmour will be picking out a female author next term and wont be allowed to do interviews now that he has humiliated the university:P