Sunday, December 22, 2013

Heatless In Scarberia

Not right now, though.  Wife and I came downtown looking for power sources, Internet access, and food. Pretty much everything between Markham Road and VP is dark, but for a few pockets around Scarborough General and the VP subway station.  Fallen trees everywhere. Passed a little pet-shop while riding the bus. All those poor fish have frozen by now, if they didn't asphyxiate when the aerators stopped. And  I hate to think of the budgies and parrots and etc. sitting in their cages in the cold and dark.

 A kid we met waiting for the bus said he witnessed a transformer station explode and go up in flames early this morning. He said it was as though a lightning bolt came down out of the sky, and then sparks filled the air,  Personally, I slept through all of that.

Next few days will be interesting if, as they are saying, power remains off.  Our food's out on the balcony, but has probably gone bad anyway. The beer should be OK, although it poses a bit of a conundrum: left  on the balcony it freezes, kept in and its on the warm side.  Oh well, at least there's lots of it.  If the local Metro has back-up generators they might hold out, but otherwise all their fresh food will have to be tossed and they probably won't restock until after Xmas. Eating over the next couple of days will be a challenge.

The backup generator in our building is supposed to last for 50 hours, and then the elevators stop working and you can't get your car out of the underground. As for phone and Internet access, somebody ignored all the warnings about power outages and forgot to charge her cell yesterday.  And is now desperately hunting around for a car charger.

Anyway, keep safe fellow T.O. residents.  And remember, there's worse things: you could be in Lethbridge.

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MgS said...

Hey ... Lethbridge is a nice little city. I can think of far worse places to be.