Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A 2nd Brief Note On Property Ownership (In Scarborough)

So I find there's a petition being circulated in my Condo building.  People  want to boot out the current property managers and hire somebody new.  This after already forcing the hiring and firing of four supers from the current company during the one year my wife and I have owned a unit here.

And I'm not entirely clear what their specific complaint is, other than that those folks who bought units near the first floor party room have discovered that party rooms are noisy, that people stagger out of them in the wee hours and puke in the hall, and that that's why your place cost a few $ less than a comparable 2-bedroom on seven.

My own biggest issue is trying to remember the name of the new company reps as they are shuffled in and out.  They all sound Sri Lankan.  Not that I am complaining.

In any case, I've been invited to a condo corp "open house" this Friday night, where residents get to confront the current BOC and yell obscenities at them.  My dear wife is staying over at her mom's that night, so I am might get all beer-ed up and attend, maybe join in the spirit of the thing and scream death threats at our new janitor.  There is a retiree who follows the young cleaning girls around all day to see if they're dusting the common areas to his satisfaction. They usually aren't, and apparently need a good spanking, and I'm sure he will give us a progress report on Friday.   A hobby is a hobby, I suppose.

So it's that or watch Pacific Rim for the 28th time.

PS: My first note on Property Ownership In Scarborough can be found here.

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