Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Ontario Poll

From Innovative Research.  Looks like the gas plant fiasco has run out of steam.  And its hard to suggest with numbers like these that Andrea Horwath's NDP has any kind of "momentum". Therefore: a budget deal in the works?  A Spring election averted?  That's how I'm starting to lean.


Ron Waller said...

The Liberals and NDP should just work together. That's the mandate voters gave them.

Our primitive voting system, First-Past-the-Post, is a theatre of the absurd. Parties play games instead of governing when limited to a "minority government."

But the fact is, minority governments are the norm in the developed world but they usually serve out the entire term.

We need voting reform to end the nonsense.

Ontario Liberals and NDP should just govern

Unknown said...

Looks like the Greens have the momentum almost doubling their vote. Ah, statistics.

thwap said...

Yeah. That whole contempt for the legislature and destruction of public documents scandal has run out of steam.

Just like the federal Conservatives contempt of the legislature, torture, election fraud and senate scandals have run out of steam.

At least you're not claiming it was all a lefty conspiracy.

But still, I'd like you to acknowledge seriously anti-democratic behaviour when you see it.