Friday, August 22, 2014

Ethical Oil Complaint To Canadian Judicial Council Fails: Judge Ducharme Off Hook For For Participating In David Suzuki Mock Trial

Ezra and Co. (young Amanda) try to soften their defeat by marking up the document with snarky liner notes

...but if they had really won they would have been singing the decision to the high heavens for the past week.  And they haven't.


Anonymous said...

With the modern far right tea party types it's all about being able to declare that they won. It doesn't matter what the decision was or what the facts are declare victory; find one example of not being 100% wrong and run with it.
The Canadian far right is borrowing heavily form the US Repubs and these clowns come from a country that is around 25th in line for actual ability to do mathematics, but #1 in confidence in their ability to do mathematics.
Shout "we're #1" or "we won" loud enough and long enough and people will believe you.

Nosferatu200 said...

The stars that were added with the comments certainly lend the appropriate gravitas. All it needs now is some glitter and unicorn stickers.