Friday, August 01, 2014

Libloggers Ascendant: Danielle Takacs For LPC Nominee

I should note that Danielle Takacs is running for the Liberal Party of Canada nomination up in Brant.  Danielle used to blog at  galloping around the golden horseshoe before deciding to jump into the political ring rather than merely snarking about it.  She is to be commended for that, as are the others of our ilk who have taken the same plunge.  Its a tough job, and there is no guarantee of success. Danielle certainly has my support.

PS.  I hear that Danielle is the only LPC potential in Brant, but that the party has been dragging its feet on a nomination meeting.  While nobody can doubt  the value of a star candidate, sometimes its better to go with the soldiers who are willing to fight for you today.


Scott @ Prog Blog said...

Hello BCL:

I like the part of your post where you say she's not just writing about politics; she's chosen to do something about it. It does take some courage to do that sort of thing..

As for the foot-dragging commentary, the only thing I will say here is its been slow in Ontario overall; from some info I have gathered, there have been no nominations yet in SW Ontario, and less than 1/5 nominated across Ontario; so perhaps the comment should be hopefully they will move soon in this entire area.

Scott @ Prog Blog said...
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Scott @ Prog Blog said...

I'll also mention since you didnt have it in the original article that her campaign website is here