Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Chief Blair...Unchained

Seen at the bottom of Sue-Ann Levy's latest:

I posed a question while on a media panel at the last mayoral debate which stated Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has of late spent considerable money on lawsuits trying to muzzle members of the Police Services Board. This was incorrect and I apologize to the chief.

This, plus the dust-up with the dumber brother, suggests to me that the chief  is in the official "fuck you I'm retiring" phase of his personal PR strategy.  Let us hope he spends the next six or eight months cutting chunks out of the butt of everyone on council and in the newspapers who ever looked at him funny.  Keep things exciting.

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Edstock said...

Blair is "dirty". Remember the G20? When police from all over Ontario were brought in the "shore up" Metro's finest?
Remember how they just "happened" to forget to wear their ID tags?

They were told to remove them, and Blair was part of that process — and if he wasn't, he should have known about it.

So, somebody "got" to him, and that means he's a dirty puppet.

Then there's police training: poor little Sammy gets shot repeatedly by a police "tough guy", then tasered as he lays there dying. And some tough cop with Kevlar body armor baton and whatever else can't take down a little teen with a paring knife?

As far as I am concerned, you can re-chain Blair — right next to Duffy, Porkela and Stevie.

But Blair's not responsible?