Saturday, August 09, 2014

Rob Anders New Gig: Smitin' The Infidel For YOU, Bow River Alberta!

Some background on Rob's latest adventures here.


Dana said...


Brooks, as in the the tainted meat capitol of Canada?

Brooks, as in the smelliest city in Canada that doesn't have a pulp mill? And smells like rotting meat?

Brooks, as in the only city I've ever been to with a Lakeside Hotel where there's neither a lake visible or within walking distance?

The drive across the prairies would be vastly improved by razing the horrid little hamlet and shipping all the people off to Iraq to fight for Jeebus.

Of course I jest.

But Rob Anders representing this vividly olfactory infected shit box bacteria factory and it's humongous assed population of pseudo-humans is some kind of perfect poetic irony.

Lars said...

Brooks doesn't smell of rotting meat. When you drive in from the west, it smells of shit; when you come in from the east, it smells of hydrocarbons.

Thirty years ago, it was a nice little town, and it didn't smell at all.

Kurt Phillips said...

Well Dana, that certainly wasn't an overgeneralized hate-filled rant.