Sunday, September 21, 2014

Die Media Die: Quebecor Ready To Dump T.O. Sun

...and other Sun Media media products:

“To be honest, if somebody was to call me [with an offer], I would certainly listen,” he said. “We understand that it is a declining business.”

And an interesting comment from T.O. Sun Family:

Who in their right mind would buy one of these papers? They are interconnected with publishers/sales managers, shared editorial service and here's the big non-selling point no damn presses! Remember when they thought it was a good idea to share services? Now it has made these papers almost worthless. Great call Stun Media. this would be akin to buying an ice company with no freezers.

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Scanner said...

The lack of presses is not a reason to avoid buying the Sun papers, Canada is Chock-a-block with presses. No, it's their revenue model which relies on selling crap to the lowest common denominator. To make the Papers even more worthless, their favourite ideologues in Parliament have managed to make the only portion of advertising in the Sun papers that is regular and profitable - the sex ads in the back of the paper - illegal