Friday, December 19, 2014

Life In Scarborough: The Celebrities Of Scarborough

I sat next to a gal at a bar today who claimed to have been in show-business once.  She said she knew Hugh Hefner and had visited the Bunny Ranch, back in the day.  In fact she said she had slept with Hef, and had offered him some life advice afterwards: "You've been around too many beautiful women," she said she told him. I have no idea what she meant.  She said she was 53 years old and that her name was "Vicky", or at least that was her old show-business name.  She is probably the first famous person I've met in Scarborough, or as we natives call it "The Scar", or as we also call it "The Bro", for obvious reasons I can't get into.  Celebrities are a bit thin on the ground out here.  Dunno why.


deb said...

lol, I have met vicky, she is awesome, that lady gets around.
*we met in a surrey bar once*

Unknown said...

Um bar? WTF are you drinking?