Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Hard Luck Campaign For Minister Penis...I Mean Denis

Just some notes recycled from twitter:

Just to come clean here.  I thought the Prentice budget was an honest attempt by Albertans to enter the modern world of governance.  But it went over like a drowning duck off the top of Niagara Falls.  But whatever.  I hate Alberta the way everyone else in Canada hates Toronto.  So let Chaos reign!  Either the NDP or WRP rule OK by me.


Gayle said...

Well in fairness, Toronto hates everyone else in Canada. Alberta at least likes everyone west of Ontario. :)

Anyway, Denis is an idiot. I would be more than happy to see him go. But Brian Jean is a bigger idiot.

The saddest thing is that, while Albertans are busy whining about the PC's, they are ignoring the fact that we elected Klein, over and over again despite the fact he was dishonest and a horrible fiscal manager. Prentice is actually trying to fix things, but in typical style the right wingers who control the elections are flocking to the guy who could not even answer questions about how he is going to save Alberta without raising any taxes.

Albertans want everything, but they do not want to pay for anything. I weep for my province...

Omar said...

Every last one of them is "Minister Penis" as far as I'm concerned. Including the women. Gone are the days I have much respect for the type of individual that finds themselves going into public service as my elected representative.

Andy Lehrer said...
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