Saturday, April 11, 2015

Gruending On Canada's Role In The War Against The Islamic State

Despite the warrior rhetoric from some of our politicians, Canada is not a robust military power. We do, however, have experience and credibility —  although it has been diminished recently — in diplomacy, humanitarian assistance and the resettlement of refugees. 

There's about 26 or 27 nations in the anti-ISIS coalition, and about half of them are dropping bombs. IMHO Canada would be more useful to what is clearly going to be a multi-generational conflict by being one of the coalition members not currently dropping bombs.  There will be lots of roles to play in the years and yes decades ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Again we have a situation where a country is invading a sovereign nation and killing innocent Muslims. I NEVER recall Iraq ever committing a crime against Canada. Shame on Harper and the Harperites who support him.