Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Ezra Levant Out 72 Large

...for costs brought about by losing the defamation case brought against him by Khurrum Awan:
Meanwhile, some interesting bits of info emerged from the Duffy trial.  One is this daily itinerary for
February 8, 2010:
A meeting for pizza with Ez and the PM's wife.  Also this:
Vian Krause originally did some pretty shoddy research purporting to show that Canadian enviro groups were taking foreign money to aid Alaskan salmon fisherman at the expense of B.C. aqua farmers.  Ezra Levant later repurposed this research to argue that enviro groups were taking foreign money to aid U.S. oil companies, not entirely with Ms. Krause' blessing.

So: connections...


Dr.Dawg said...

"not entirely with Ms. Krause' blessing"

Are you sure?

bigcitylib said...

Yeah. She complained a few times on twitter about the way he was using her material. It was a couple of years back, but I could probably find it eventually