Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Ezra Pulling Down His Duffy Interviews?

This fellow thinks he did:
I was skeptical, so I asked:
The interview he's talking about concerned the CBSC (Canadian Broadcast Standards Council), which Ezra typically had issues with because he lacks standards.

Meanwhile, more interesting connections between Ole' Duff, The Ez, and Vivian Krause continue to emerge:
It's in late January of 2012 when Ezra begins to work Ms. Krause' research into his Sun News diatribes.  During that same month his astroturf group launches its "Our Decision" website, speaheading a campaign to "expose the foreign lobby groups working to sabotage and paralyze the hearings into the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline".  There is talk of "helping" Ms. Krause, though she has claimed to have received no money from them:

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deb said...

I guess he doesnt want to take the stand, lol