Sunday, May 10, 2015

Patrick Brown's Piss Poor Prospects

Kid's already got issues.  A PCPO exodus has already started:

I’ve been a member of the Ontario PCs more or less continuously since about 1972 and have voted for them in every general election, and in the odd by-election, since then. But I must admit that the selection to lead the party of an obscure federal back-bencher with little or nothing in the way of accomplishments is just too much for me to swallow.

I’m a conservative and will only ever vote for a party which promises fiscal conservatism, so I can’t say I’ll never vote for a Brown-led Ontario PC party. I will not, however, remain a party member.

On the other hand, there's this:
OMG!!!  Look at all them brown-skinned folk!  But really:

The problem is Brown's "outreach" in this direction will prevent outreaches in other equally necessary directions.


jrkrideau said...

When Brown won I was thinking, "Thank heavens, we have a better candidate than Tim Hudak, but then I thought, "Brown looks like a lot smarter tactician".

He may well be a homophobic, bigoted MP (Well, of course he is, he's a Harper Con) but he knows how to appeal to small but significant voter groups.

bigcitylib said...

But you have to be able to mix them together so 1+1=2. I'm not sure he can get that to happen.

Omar said...

*and* on top of all those creepy social conservative attributes, he's got one helluva rat-face to sell the voters. I mean I'm biased, but damn. Hide the cheese! lol

crf said...

Hudak was a wimp and he was bullied constantly by certain members of the more rigthward camp of the PC caucus. Nobody likes to vote for a wimp. And I think voters had a fear that if Hudak were elected, he wouldn't be able to control the PCs' right wing and remain leader.

Brown should make caucus discipline his number one priority. Even if he loses the next election because of his policies, at least he can set the ground for a more moderate leader to not have their policies undermined by rat finks.

Marc said...
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Marc said...

It's complicated?