Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Right Wing Mag Sacks Michael Coren!

His problem?  The Interim could no longer countenance the guy's heterodoxy!  So: Boom!  Coren's outta there, and apparently being replaced by some dude who will natter on endlessly about Free Speech for unborn babies.  Man, its that heterodoxy gets you every time!


deb said...

hah, I am proud that I had to look up that term, lol.

Andy Lehrer said...

Coren was actually became a bit more liberal in the years he hosted his show on CTS, I think he even called himself a "Christian socialist" at one point, then when he got his Sun gig he veered hard right and now that that's done he's becoming more liberal again. If I were more cynical I'd say his shifts across the political spectrum have more to do with who he's working for than anything else.

robert easton said...

Michael Coren joined the Anglican Church because they support gay marriage. But they also support abortion. How can he go along with that.