Friday, June 05, 2015

Ezra's Calgary Anti-Tims Protest: The Money Shot

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24 heads clearly visible; one other soul, maybe, holding up the sign next to "#Boycott Tim's" sign. Ezra has claimed 50 attendees, but he must be seeing double.  Get those glasses checked, Ez!

PS: Here's another shot.  I count 23 people in this one:

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Steve Bloom said...

That's it? In *Calgary*? Pathetic. How did local media treat this?

rumleyfips said...

I don't like their coffee, but I may just give them money and drive away waving Ezras' scalp out the window.

bigcitylib said...

Steve, CBC sent one guy. There was a brief segment on T.O. news about 2:00, didn't mention numbers.

Unknown said...

Looks like Big Ez is on to something

Unknown said...

Oh and speaking of the CBC here's a good one Michael