Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ezra Levant: The Final Failure?

After years of stalling, Ezra Levant, KKKate, and Five Foot have all thrown in the legal towel and issued grovelling apologies to Richard Warman over the infamous Cools Post.  No word on costs and etc., but in Ezra's case they will likely be huge, for he insisted  that a ton of forensic work be done on Warman's various computers in a vain attempt to find evidence Richard had even used them on the relevant day. Ezra found nothing, not surprising as  his claim was bullshit on the face of it. As a result he, or more likely his dad, will have some rather large bills to pay.

As to the timing, well, Ezra's work situation becomes more tenuous with each passing day.  There are already rumours of The Rebel's impending demise.  Staffers fighting over used tea bags and half eaten muffins, for example.  And remember that picture behind Ezra in the network's early videos?
I hear its sitting in a pawn shop on Queen East.

So Ezra needed the thing wrapped up quick. And the two gals who followed him were just moons of his, swept up in his death spiral towards the black hole of debt and humiliation, and now crashing and burning in the wake of his smokey demise.

But is this really Ezra's final failure?  Well, possible downward moves in his journalistic career are limited by the fact that, at The Rebel, he is  pounding his head on the bottom.  But no fear: other lawsuits are still due to be settled!  And when Ezra goes to court, he loses.

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Unknown said...

LOL Speaking of Kathy this piece is even worse than the time she tried to make fun of Warren over his "noose" on the forklift article.Real cheap stuff IMO