Monday, February 18, 2008

Boobies And Geopolitics

From George W's Africa Trip. Hey, if you're looking for "classy", wait for Cherniak to post something.


Anonymous said...

and bootties too.

A national dance craze in Ivory Coast has spawned a black market in treatments claiming to increase one's bottom size.

LeDaro said...

With Bush he makes too many boobs too - one after the other.

Anonymous said...

OT but topical:

"Liberals could let the federal budget pass - Dion" says National Newswatch headline.

The opposition leader who cried wolf.

Stephane Dion : the Hamlet of Canadian politics.

Anonymous said...

That horrible bastard Bush,over there in Africa giving all that money to fight AIDS.

Anonymous said...

"The Liberal leader says avoiding an election would save the country $350 million."

Well according to his 62.5 Billion list of promises, it could arguably be much more than $350 million.

O.K. Stephane, you've saved us $350million by not voting your principles, now just keep your mouth shut and and sit on your hands while the government governs.

In order to save even more money why don't you forego your extra stipend as opposition leader since you've basically abdicated your position.

Stephane Dion is fact becoming irrelevant. It's a wonder the press is even reporting his utterances.

Anonymous said...

Frances I think it was kind of Chretien to tell Dion to go for an election right now.

I think he feels sorry for Dion, and the sooner he is put out of his misery the better.

Iggy the puffin pusher wants a go at it, after they lose this election. He doesn't stand a chance either, but at least he doesn't eat his hotdogs with a fork and knife.

The liberals are having a wicked time finding a leader. It is like they don't trust each other or something like that.

Ti-Guy said...

Iggy the puffin pusher

For the uninitiated out there, this is what Conservatives call "political satire."

I know...*sigh* The polite thing to do is to just look away.

Anonymous said...

Former Ouebec Liberal MP Francoise Boivin elected for the first time in 2004 and defeated by the Bloc in 2006 has QUIT THE LIBERALS to JOIN THE NDP.

Maybe the real reason Dion doesn't want an election right now is because he's having trouble finding 307 brave souls to follow him lemming-like into electoral oblivion?

Ti-Guy said...

Big deal. Jim Prentice lied on national television today.

Anonymous said...

Mercy...rats are deserting the ship for a rubber raft held together with duct tape.

Next it will be Iggy staging a munity. They might as well kiss their asses good-bye

Ti-Guy said...

"Staging a munity."


Next comment by Snatchy: "St├ęphane Dion picked his nose and eated it!"