Friday, March 24, 2006

Garth Turner Slams Tory Spending, Hints at Ditching GST Cut

When old BigCityLib used to live in the Eglinton/Laird area, he used to see Garth Turner (who at the time was an ex-Tory MP for the Mulroney government) all the time at the local liquor store. Who knew that this man, who the LCBO clerks used to refer to as "the scowling midget", would become the conscience of the new Harper government?

Recently, he has been pointing out some of the holes in the Tory election platform:

"The total (cost of the platform) - $75 billion - is a huge amount," said Garth Turner, MP for the Toronto-area riding of Halton.

"I'm basically saying we should not proceed with some of this. I don't think we can afford it."

Furthermore, it looks like old Garth is hinting that the GST cut is one of the promises that should be sacrificed on the alter of common sense:

Asked if he'd shelve the GST promise, Turner said, "I'm not going to confirm that that's it."

See the full story here: - Canada - Turner slams Tory spending

All common sense. Can we really afford a deep water port in the far North to protect our nationhood if we cut our sales tax to the benefit of every middle man standing between the maker and the consumer, but not the consumer themselves? Probably not. Will Stephen Harper listen? Probably not.

Probably Garth Turner, who has the shittiest office on Parliament Hill, will be working out of a tent by month's end.

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