Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mixed Feelings

From this morning's Globe:

Senator's comments bring unease to Liberals

Ottawa -- The federal Liberals are distancing themselves from a senator's harsh criticism of the United States in a letter defending the Canadian seal hunt.

Senator CĂ©line Hervieux-Payette replied recently to a letter from a U.S. family calling the hunt "horrible" and "inhumane."

Ms. Hervieux-Payette responded that what she found horrible is "the daily massacre of innocent people in Iraq, the execution of prisoners -- mainly blacks -- in American prisons, the massive sale of handguns to Americans, the destabilization of the entire world by the American government's aggressive foreign policy, etc." : Senator's comments bring unease to Liberals

Bit torn about this incident. My general attitude to bashing Americans is expressed by the old Russian proverb that says if you meet a Bulgarian in the street, hit them. They'll know why. (Replace "Bulgarian" with "American" here, obviously. Bulgarians haven't invaded any third-world countries recently).

But on the other hand, the seal hunt is essentially a blood-bath designed to provide soft fur gloves and boots to women with too much money. Furthermore, launching a consumer boycott against the hunt (which is what the American family are suggesting they are prepared to do) is a perfectly legitimate vehicle for expressing opposition to it.

So I am conflicted.


Anonymous said...

bigcity, if you are conflicted, I suggest you write to Ms. Hervieux-Payette and express your feelings to her.
I am sure she would have some kind words of advice for you, just like she hepled out that nice American couple. :(

Anonymous said...

"(Replace "Bulgarian" with "American" here,"

Really? I'd suggest replace "Bulgarian" with "Liberal" here.