Monday, January 19, 2009

Argentinian Lake Monster!

And here is why I really want to learn Photoshop. Are there versions floating around out there on the P2P networks?
From Cryptomundo:
It’s an interesting picture but I’m about 95% sure it’s a photomanipulation or as the kids would say ’shopped!’. I’m a graphic artist and photo retoucher and as soon as I saw this thing I knew it was altered. If you look at it in Photoshop you can see that the waves don’t line up, there are obvious lines where it’s been altered, obvious places where it’s been smoothed/blurred, obvious darkening and lightening of key areas. My best guess is that this was a close up shot of a small log or a turtle sticking it’s head out of the water that was cut out, altered and placed in the middle of a larger picture of the lake to make the ‘creature’ seem larger.

I uploaded a picture where I point out a couple of the lines where the photo was cut out and moved to another pic of the lake as well as my version of the ‘monster’ and my modification turning it back into a log (these mods took me all of two minutes and aren’t meant to be realistic or pretty but to show how easy it is to manipulate this kind of thing).


MgS said...

If you want most of what Photoshop can do without the price tag, try GIMP - it's pretty decent these days, and as long as you don't need features like Pantone colour matching, it's probably more than adequate.

Maria said...

Holy cow! I know this specie,I see it at discovery channel it have sharp teeth than Pirana.

Maria[brown suit]