Monday, January 26, 2009

Harper Arctic Policy = Zip

The tender call for the 12 mid-shore Arctic patrol ships Mr. Harper promised has been cancelled, and a promised icebreaker will not be brought into service until 2017.

From Embassy Magazine, some rather critical commentary re the Tory Government's response, or lack thereof, to Canada's Number 1 Security Issue: how do we exert sovereignty in our Arctic regions in the face of U.S., Russian, and other national interests?

One of the few areas where I actually support the stated Conservative policy, and they're bungling the file.


Rural said...

Seems like is was annother one of those pre election "promises", shame. Just think of all the jobs for OUR shipbuilding industry on both coasts if this were made one of those projects to "help" our economy. A realy worthwhile project with long term not temporay jobs, cant have that happening, eh!

Saskboy said...

Yeah, we need to spend $10B in Afghanistan fighting people who don't want us there, but we could be fighting off Americans and Danes for a fraction of that cost ;-)

Come to think of it, do people in the north want more military there? I think the best way to defend the north would be to make sure it stays cold enough so other people stay the heck away.