Saturday, January 03, 2009

So Tired, So Very Tired

In which Ezra Levant, watching his "Free Speech" meal ticket descend into media obscurity, hacks out some generic crud on the state of the Canadian economy, regurgitating every lame Conservative talking point that you've ever heard...usually by someone writing in livlier prose and employing cleverer anecdotes.


Ti-Guy said...

Thank God McClelland's signed up to post there to say everything I would bother saying about this, the crux of which is why the fuck is this lying lunatic provided a forum in the establishment media (such as it is)? It doesn't matter if the charlatan is right or wrong about this because he, more than anyone else, doesn't care about his credibility.

That he has absolutely no expertise in this area is of course, not unexpected for The National Rag. In fact, total ignorance of the issue one is addressing is a prerequisite.

bigcitylib said...

Yeah, McClelland does a lot of our work for us.

Gerry said...

Mr. Levant forgot to mention that Stephen Harper himself publicly mused that Canada might be entering into an economic depression. If Levant wants to know why the media is musing about a depression, he should look no further than the leader of his own team. By the way, Stephen Harper is not an economist. He is no more an economist than the multitude of others who studied economics only to do something else in their professional life. Harper has been a political staffer, partisan organizer, politician and a lobbysist, but he has never served as an economist.

Reality Bites said...

It would be a mistake to call Levant part of the Conservative "team." Goodness knows he's done more to them than for them!

The only time they want anything to do with him is during elections, when they hire him so he'll shut up.

I imagine that's also probably how he earned his allowance as a kid.

buckets said...

I haven't read Ezra's piece, but surely being tedious and cliché is an improvement for Ezra, no?

Mitka said...

I agree with Ti-Guy, I have as a result, decided to cancel my subscription to the National Post. Any newspaper that carries Levant cannot be a serious newspaper. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I must admit that the entire s. 13 debate has seemingly fallen by the wayside. Not surprising really, the mainstream press (frankly I no longer count the National Post in that category) cannot help but realize that the champion of the anti-hate speech laws is an individual who has quite clearly manipulated and misrepresented a number of issues on this matter. He has also used tactics that are more reminiscent of children bullying than fair comment. Attacking well respected people instead of challenging the issues are clear indicators to anyone with sense that Ezra and his followers have lost this battle.

Now I also see that some are deserting this sinking ship. BCF has quit the blogosphere leaving Ezra more alone than ever. His only real allies being fellow travelers such as Five feet of Fury who like Ezra take much solace in the work of neo-Nazi Marc Lemire and his crew.

Nope this parrot is dead, expired, definitely deceased, passed on, it is no more, it is bereft of life, it has joined the choir invisible, it is an EX_PARROT!

Martin said...

by Robert McClelland
Jan 03 2009
12:20 PM

"Canada will do just fine."

This prediction brought to you from a guy who couldn't run a conservative magazine in the most conservative province in the country and is now an internet panhandler.

Reality Bites said...

Ezra couldn't sell toilet paper if he had the exclusive concession rights at a prune festival.