Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ottawa Citizen Withdrawing Service In Ottawa?

4 out of 7 Ottawa Citizen newspaper boxes I passed on a walk at lunch today were being taken out of service. They had those same notices that were put up in the Nat Post boxes recently.

A rumour so far, I suppose, but from an Ottawa citizen that's always been a good source.


susansmith said...

Is the Ottawa Citizen in trouble? Is Canwest in trouble? Good because I am so sick of their right-wing rants and relentless con spouting ideology.

Canajun said...

If they're having money problems they could cut costs by getting rid of David Warren for a start.
But please, please keep Dan Gardner, one of the few voices of reason on the paper.

Mike said...

I'm down with dumping Warren. and agree about Gardiner. but Dan has a book career and Warren, not so much, so I have canceled my subscription.

Let them die.