Friday, May 08, 2009

Another Couple of Ruby Dhalla Facts

These ones more ominous sounding:

TORONTO — A Toronto agency [Intercede] that helps domestic workers says allegations of caregiver mistreatment levelled at Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla and her family are shining a light on a widespread problem.


Magdalene Gordo, 31, and Richelyn Tongson, 37, say their passports were also illegally withheld and that they had trouble getting paid, but Dhalla has denied the allegations.


Intercede called Dhalla on behalf of Tongson, and Mason said she told the Liberal MP to give Tongson her passport back within 24 hours or she would call police.

Since Intercede's call would have been made a year ago, this indicates that the two nannies' disgruntlement was not conjured out of thin air last week for the sake of reporters.

The same fact also makes any alleged political conspiracy against Ms. Dhalla much broader and longer in gestation (over a year, assuming that Intercede is somehow "involved") than, frankly, seems plausible.

I note Bourque readers arriving. Just a note: Canadian Press has overwritten their previous story with one that does not include the relevant quote from Intercede's Agatha Mason. Another version of it can be found here.


Jim said...

Unless Intercede is lying, I'm not sure how Dhalla comes back from this, the accusation she had their passports was one the most serious of them all. Very unfortunate, she was an excellent MP and very hard worker.

Niles said...

Let the cow chips fall where they may, long as it's an honest rain. How the party handles it, should innocence or guilt be proven is key to this. If she's not guilty I don't need her thrown out for optics. If she is, then civilly release her and reaffirm accountability is important.

If nothing else, it's good practise seeing how the 'new' organization of the party swims in the publicity.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Niles. Let's just sit back and see how the party deals with this -- and let's wait for the outcome of the inquiry (hopefully, it won't be botched).

But the facts revealed in this blog post do indicate that the allegations may very well be true.

Niles is also right that this could actually be a boon for the party: if Iggy and the other Grits handle this scandal and situation professionally, they might just gain some brownie points with (undecided) voters.

Ti-Guy said...

Shut up, Prattles.

Gene Rayburn said...

Prattles, I thought it was Pickles

Anonymous said...

Gonna miss Ruby . . . . she has some nice assets.

Ti-Guy said...

I think Fred wrote that just after retrieving a pail that contained a bottle of lotion.


You know, BCL. I don't how your wife can tolerate sickening creeps like Fred who troll your blog.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Ti-Guy, and go violate yourself. And get some professional help. You're way overdue, moron.

dizzy said...

"Intercede called Dhalla on behalf of Tongson, and Mason said she told the Liberal MP to give Tongson her passport back within 24 hours or she would call police."

Something's odd here. When I click through to the link, I don't get this quote.

bigcitylib said...


That's because Canadian Press has changed the story behind the link. It now goes to Dhalla's statement

Ti-Guy said...

And get some professional help.Can I borrow your Rolodex to see who's available?

dizzy said...

I wonder if Mason did call the police.