Monday, May 25, 2009

Bill C-31: "Streamlining" Police Intimidation

From government whip Jay Hill:

Last week, on behalf of Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, I introduced Bill C-31. This legislation [...] proposes to streamline the identification process in police stations, allowing the fingerprinting and photographing of persons in “lawful” custody who have not yet been charged or convicted of specific offences.

Read that one again. You haven't been charged. Maybe you never are. Yet the police have your prints and mugshot.

The relevant text is here.

PS. This piece from the Niagara Falls Review claims that:

According to the Conservatives, the change would only apply to serious crimes like murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

Well, specifically, they apply to any "indictable" offence. Not that it makes a difference.


k.w.m said...
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k.w.m said...

From what I may understand and that I am not of the proper academic training to thoroughly understand this document, it seems to me that anyone that the Government wishes, can arrest any person and detain until such time that the prosecution (Government appointed)may be given a reasonable opportunity to show cause why I should not be released on giving an undertaking without conditions.
As we all know from the past on how people have been incarcerated for things they have not done, I see it as it will only increase that same type of wrongful conviction for political purposes of keeping the "public sound off" to a minimum.In other words say something against what we do and you will be incarcerated for the next 15 years; that's if we feel generous.

Dante said...

Fascism is in style everywhere. It's too bad the Conservatives are wearing the same brown shirts as the Liberal party.

On a related note, the fucking Jack boots it Quebec think it's ok to ban things from one segment of the the population to appease the whorish insurance companies. Corporations seem to have more rights to profit than law abiding citizens have to be equal under the law.

Don't even get me started on the fools in Queens Park...