Saturday, May 23, 2009

DhallaGate Saturday Update

The folks at the cross-cultural caregiver resource center--who channelled the Villanueva retraction from her frail hands to various media outlets--are demanding Ruby Dhalla's resignation. In fact, they are accusing her of illegal acts, so maybe we'll see a defamation suit thrown into the mix.

Of course, Ms. Dhalla has just sealed her nomination in Brampton-Springdale, so I doubt a resignation is in the cards.

Finally, this story from last week, in which Ruby's brother Neil Dhalla was accused of firing one of his staff when they became pregnant, seems to have dead-ended. There has been no follow-up on CBC or elsewhere that I am aware of, although plenty of fake outrage from Conservative bloggers. If any of the various sub-threads to this story reek of Tory interference, this is the one that reeks most--a frivolous sounding OHRT complaint launched in the midst of the controversy. Who if anyone urged on the complainant?

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Gerrard787 said...

Rest assured BCL, the OHRC never considers complaints of a frivolous nature.

Ms. Dhalla deserves a fair hearing but attempts to paint this as some kind of Con-spiracy will fail.

"Who if anyone urged on the complainant?"You mean who urged a pregnant woman who believes she was unjustly terminated from her job to file a formal complaint?

I hope anyone and everyone encouraged her to do so.