Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Your Daily Nazi: Nazis X 10

Ezra on the evolving membership of the (circa 1965-66) Canadian Nazi Party, from May 16:

Their report was that he had "from nine to 17 followers." (I've pasted a jpeg of the story at left.)
That's it. That was the menace. And given that there were three other Jewish groups (including the CJC) that had "infiltrated" Beattie's "party" -- and that's not counting any police -- one has to wonder if there were any real members other than Beattie at all.

From May 18th:

...according to the RCMP, Beattie's "Nazis" actually didn't have any membership at all -- just "supporters", maybe 50 of them all told. Now, we know that one of those supporters was Garrity, so that leaves 49. And we know that at least three other Jewish groups has their agents at his events. So we're probably under 40 now. And then, obviously, the RCMP had their agents there. Are we still at 30 "followers" in the entire Toronto region? I'm not even sure if that's true -- for these followers didn't actually follow Beattie to, say, his public rallies.

Up from one person to dozens, in and around Toronto. Not enough to overthrow civilized rule, clearly, but a decent-sized street gang at least, and certainly worth the CJC and police paying some attention to.

But what I really want to know is: where is Ezra digging up this stuff? The notion that he is doing "research" in the TO Star's online archive is not plausible. Ezra don't do research; typically, he recycles bullshit. So where, in this case, is the bullshit coming from?

Well, "the entire tale of the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Nazi Party" will be related in Marc Lemire's soon to be release magnum opus Silencing Thought: The Human Rights Industry's War on Freedom of Expression. So Lemire is my guess as to the source. It wouldn't be the 1st time for Ezra.


Ti-Guy said...

So Ezra's thesis is that the Jews are the Nazis?

We're going to need an entirely novel approach to database design, indexing and data processing and analysis to keep all of this straight.

I wonder: has Ezra ever admitted he lied about anything? C'mon Ezra...confession is good for the soul.

Mitka said...

Ezra makes it up. Thank you BCL fior continuing to expose this fraud.

Dr. Ellen Scheinberg the head archivist at the Ontario jewish Archives already tore Ezra a new one in an op-ed she wrote (which you referenced earleir) but for people who live in their own vain glorious minds the truth is a mere inconvenience.

Imagine the shamelessness of claiming, without a shred of proof (actually the proof all works agianst him) that the CJC "bankrolled" the Canadian Nazi Party in 1965 in order to force the government to enact anti-hate laws!! This is beyond stupid. In a way it is reminiscent of the manner in which Holocaust deniers act; take a grain of truth and build around it a mountain of lies.

I have to believe that most decent human beings see through this crap. And I commend you for continuing to point out how ugly and downright offensive is Ezra Levant and his predeliction to construct fanciful Jewish conspiracy theories.